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Fourth Year BS Psychology Students celebrated Pinning Ceremony

4 January 2022





by Gianne Nombrepia , BS Psychology

Held last November 27, 2021, via Google Meet and Facebook Live the 4th Year Psychology Students of CEU Malolos had their Pinning Ceremony with the theme:  “Together Towards Tomorrow: A Celebration of Success”.

A pinning ceremony is a symbolic welcoming of soon-to-be graduate students in the field of Psychology. Together with all the teachers, administrators, parents, students, and guests, the Psychology Department celebrated the first-ever pinning ceremony of CEU Malolos Psychology Society.

This marks the beginning of their journey in the Psychology profession. The event includes a welcoming ceremony by the head of their department, Dr. Dorothea Dela Cruz, followed by an inspirational message accompanied by the Vice President of CEU Malolos, Dr. Flordeliza L. Anastacio, next to it is the Pinning Ceremony itself. There was also an intermission number led by a lower-year college student, Mr. Lance Jhedleen Cruz, and a talk from an alumnus of the CEU Psychology department, Ms. Daniella Marie Salonga. It was then proceeded by the giving of certificates, video presentation — memories to look back on, gathered by the graduating batch, and last but not least the closing remarks headed by Mrs. Ma. Marietta C. Alvarez. With that, the entire program culminated in the presentation of pins to the graduating class. It is truly an unforgettable experience to witness such a kind of ceremony.

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