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CEU TeTraOLT for Effective Online Learning and Teaching

6 October 2021

Traveling back to the time when the teaching and learning process was in its normal setup, where we would see a classroom full of students with their teacher standing before them, interacting face-to-face for meaningful discussions. But the picture of the past is now completely different from what it is now. The ongoing pandemic has brought inevitable changes, especially in the education system, these changes led Centro Escolar University to innovations, improvements and initiatives that will help its teaching force adapt with the present online modality and deliver lessons effectively.


Born out of these developments is the CEU Teacher Training on Online Learning Teaching (TeTraOLT) which is a series of training sessions on producing complete and effective learning modules.


“When the pandemic hit the country in March 2020 and schools needed to be closed, the University is lucky to have an existing and working Learning Management System (LMS). The University administration decided that SY 2020-2021 would be fully on flexible online mode“,shared Dr. Teresa Perez, CEU Vice President for Academic Affairs.


Along with the Management’s decision, they thought of a way to ensure that the teachers are able to provide good learning modules to the students through the online modality, thus the TeTraOLT training was conducted.


The training was designed to have a once a week virtual class and an asynchronous setup for the rest of the week. During the training, the CEU’s Learning Management System called CEU LEAPS (Learning Engagement and Proficiency System) was already used so that the teachers can learn how to navigate the said platform when they upload their outputs. This is also the setup being followed in the implementation of the flexible online learning.


CEU TetraOLT is not just entirely about creating modules but also reinforcing the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the teachers on online class management which includes motivating and engaging students through positive learning reinforcements, interactive activities, as well as online assessments of student performance. 


Faculty members also come up with study guides which follow the format of pre task, while task and post task.  The training starts from the recalibration of the syllabi, from outcomes to objectives, learning strategies and assessments.  


The training which includes topics on course planning management, technical skills, and ethics is held ahead of the opening of the new School Year so the teachers can already complete the needed modules and make them available on the first day of classes, thus making it less stressful for them. Learning to navigate the CEU LEAPS also gives them the confidence they need in online teaching.


For the CEU TeTraOLT 2 conducted this summer, another training program was designed to assist teachers improve and enhance the modules.  


For more information about CEU, please visit the official website of the University at www.ceu.edu.ph. You may also follow CEU on Facebook at www.facebook.com/theCEUofficial and on Twitter at @CEUmanila, @CEU_makati05, and @CEUMalolos.

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