History and Features


The birth of CEU at Malolos came at a time when the national government was dispersing educational opportunities
outside the heavily congested Metro Manila area.

In response to the school dispersal of the national government in general, and the decongestion of the Metro Manila
area in particular, Malolos, Bulacan was chosen as expansion site for CEU. Hence, CEU at Malolos was established
in June 1978 at Km44 McArthur Highway, Malolos, Bulacan.

The first courses to be offered were Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Bachelor of
Science in Secondary Education, Bachelor of Science in Home Economics, Bachelor of Science in Secretarial
Administration, Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Bachelor of Science in Computer Secretarial, Bachelor of Science
in Social Work, Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Associate Courses. Certificate courses in Tourist and Travel
Service, Community Worker course and Juniors Secretarial Course and Integrated School.

Backed by more than a hundred years of experience and expertise gained by CEU at Manila, the Malolos branch
stands a good chance of producing a new breed of Filipinos who combined the best of progressive and traditional

CEU Malolos subscribes to the same educational philosophy for which CEU Manila was established. However, the
school adopts its curriculum contents to the peculiar requirements of its setting in order that its students will find their
training relevant to the needs of the times.

The Campus Administrators/ Unit Heads for first two decades of CEU Malolos were, Ms. Consuelo Aniag, Dr.
Purificion Suaco, Dr. Pelilia Hernandez, Dr. Mariano Perez and Dr. Linda Reyes, Dr. Juliana M. Alvaro and Dr. Maria
Flordeliza L. Anastacio

During the term of Dr. Juliana M. Alvaro, the management constructed the Centrodome, ADA Hotel and Nursing
Building. New programs were offered namely: Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy and Computer Science. The CEU
Integrated School ceased to operate in 2004.

In 2013, Dr. Maria Flordeliza L. Anastacio was appointed as Vice President for CEU Malolos. As advocate of quality
management and quality assurance, VP Anastacio led the CEU Malolos team in its quest for higher ranks in
accreditation. The Business Administration, Liberal Arts and Science (Psychology Program) got their Level IV
Accreditation and all other programs were accredited at varied levels. These are Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing,
Tourism Management, Hotel and Restaurant Management and Information Technology and Education Program.
CEU Malolos was cited by the PACUCOA as the University with 100% of its program accredited. The University got
the renewal of its CHED Autonomous Status from 2016-2019 after the campus went through the rigorous of the
Institutional Sustainability Assessment in April 2015.

The Dentistry and Nursing Department got the 100% passing rate in their respective board examinations. The
Pharmacy Department was cited as Top 6 Performing School in Pharmacy in the country.

Research undertakings continued to flourish through research presentation, publications and patents. Linkages with
industry and government were strengthened. International presence was pursued through linkage with the
DAAD(German Academic Exchange Service) and Hanyang University (South Korea).

Additional structures were constructed namely: the Health Science Building, the CEU Mall and the Animal House.
Major renovations and improvements were done such as retrofitting of the Centrodome, rip rapping of the PHL
basement, improvement of walkways and gardens.

CEU Malolos was, likewise, recognized in local and international cultural, musical and media competitions as well as
in provincial and regional sports events.

As CEU Malolos celebrates its 40 th Anniversary in 2018, the Academic community continuous to raise the bar of
excellence in all its endeavors.

Distinctive Features

  •  CHED Autonomous Status University
  •  PRC Top Performing School
  •  Graduates are topnotchers in government licensure examinations
  •  Level IV Accredited Status for Science, Liberal Arts and Business Administration programs by PACUCOA as certified by FAAP
  •  Level II First Re- Accredited Status for Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing, Hotel and Restaurant Management and Tourism Management programs by PACUCOA as certified by FAAP
  •  Level I Formal Accredited Status for Information Technology and Candidate Status for Education

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